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Friday June 24 2021

2-4 PM EST

We business owners and entrepreneurs are amazingly awesome at advising, guiding, and helping - both ourselves and others. We can see the whole problem and a way forward. But sometimes even we get stumped in overloaded years like 2020 and 2021.

What if we all got together in one place and tossed out stories and anecdotes and ideas of what we know works? Imagine who we could help? Even better, what if EACH OF US received just one cool idea?

Keep the Lights On is a 2 hour Forum bringing together business executives and business owners for a session of idea-generating, networking, and sharing. To that end, we have created for you a virtual venue designed specifically to foster ideas, sharing, and creativity. 

The Forum starts with an inspiring talk, moves into rotating interactive sessions of small roundtable dialogue, and ends with a common-sense framework for personally prioritizing all the best ideas. 

After the Forum, attendees will have access to amazing products and services through the KTLO "Ask an Expert" and Partner Gallery - making it easier to find the things we need. Because people helping people is the best way to stay afloat through 2021. 

Why You Should Join Us

Individually we can only go so far - but together we can support, tap into, and uplift each other. Imagine the personal power of leaving energized, back on top and ready to try out new - and sometimes - proven ideas! 

It is the very essence of a genuine grassroots movement to give back to a fellow human. To build a relationship based on generosity. And to give back today in the hopes that we all get back later. 

The old-fashioned people helping people has never failed. For centuries, it has helped us all get better.  And today, we need that—more than ever.

How will this work?

The Keep the Lights On Forum is a labour of love (some call it a give-back program) of the Bad Wolf Community. Once a month, for at least the first six months in 2021, we set a date and create a space for people to come together. 

We are so looking forward to the energy, creativity, camaraderie, and life-long connections that such an event creates. 

Register HERE so we can get the event information out to you, along with sign-on information and other exciting details! And should you end up on the waiting list, we will run another session soonest.

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