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Training tomorrow's software and data development workforce through active team participation in the production of apps for good causes. 

Based in Kent, UK, FutureCoders was formed in 2017 by Karen Scott and Emily Groves. Our programs are based around three main principles: we learn from each other, we understand the industry we work in and we become good at what we do. Seeing the young people we work with gaining confidence, gaining skills and knowing the value of being part of a team, is why we do this.

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True Life Purpose

Guidance when you resolve to show up as your best self and carry out your specific purpose.
 We raise the clarity, commitment and confidence of marketplace professionals to know and act upon their True Life Purpose and be higher performing. Trusting Through the
Upcoming webinar: 'Re-ignite Your Passion and Purpose in 2021’ Tues May 04, 7-8:30pm EST  

"True Life Purpose": Tuesdays, June 2021. 
$197 (Actual value $295) 

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Charlene Norman

Results matter. Business is Sexy. You and your people can easily and consistently over-deliver. 

Mastering the People Side of Business: Having a great team often seems complicated. Learn the whole piece from a 75,000 ft business point of view, discover the common gaps and learn what can be easily done to fix them.  Book an ask the expert session.

Reclaim Your Personal Power: When you want to find ways to come up for air, unload some responsibilities from your shoulders, power up and re-focus your energy, reclaim you. Join your peers in a small setting to explore ideas that work, bring calm and stability and bring a bit of control and joy back into your life. 
Sessions each month.

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Bizstance Services

Expert business consulting, coaching, corporate training and professional development. 

Power Hour: A powerful one hour session focusing on one of four areas:

- Emotional Intelligence & Personal Development
- Healthy Relationships & Effective Communication
- Career Changes or Back to Work Plans
- Business Consulting or Strategic Solutions
Leave with an actionable plan you can implement immediately.

$100 (Actual value $500)

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Z-Axis Marketing

Branding, Marketing,
Networking. Yes! You can quickly and easily gain a competitive advantage in all these areas. 

30 Second Marketing Intensive: 2-day interactive workshop. As one of my clients said, "Everybody gets it. Nobody forgets it and it tripled my revenues." Bonuses include pre and post session 1:1 with Jerry and a session video.

$797 ($7247 value), 20 attendees max.
Dates for 2021: June 19-20, September 18-19, December 11-12.

Kim Scofield

Arming you with sane and simple solutions in the IT space. Particular emphasis on all things cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Upcoming webinar: "Ask Me anything":  Let's take an hour and talk about your technology, online security, tech tools, and innovation questions. Join the discussion! 

Your Online Security Passport: Walk through the basics of a Best Practices approach to online safety, security, and privacy. Discussion, tools, and interactive resources. Bring calm to the chaos. Reduce the stress and anxiety of the online acceleration of your business! 

Sessions each month. Next session: May 11

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Bad Wolf Community

Power Up and Protect. Your Technology and Your People. Let's do it Together.

The Bad Wolf Community is all about helping you find the right path to get the information you need. It allows you to make the best decisions for your business. This Community is a safe place for similar-minded seekers to meet where all can experience some of the best ideas from the most significant global minds.

Friends and Family OFFER! Join the Community for a year at a discount of 40%  

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Hack Your Habitude

Habits + Attitude = Habitude. Craft your Habitude to prepare for the future of work!

Join Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin at Student & Entrepreneur Experience at IBM-Z, and Founder of MentorAfrica, and Kim Scofield, Founder of Blonde Bad Wolf Consulting, and Partner at Bad Wolf Community, for an amazing virtual series. Starting in March, join us as we take you on a journey to viable, sane, useful digitally literacy. 
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The Bullet Newspaper

Bringing your quick shot of daily news.

A very Canadian take on world events. By some very cheeky writers. And led by Joanna Track, a whip-smart lady, and endorsed by many including Arlene Dickinson (y'know, the best Dragon in the Den).

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